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Sam’s Pizza vs Fall River House of Pizza – Summary

Best Cheese Pizza Today:

Out of the two cheese pizzas, Fall River House Of Pizza was the overwhelming winner.

Taste test

Participants: 12
Date of tasting: 1/5/23

Average specialty pizza ratings:

  • Sam’s Pizza- Philly Cheesesteak Specialty Pizza: 5
  • Fall River House of Pizza –  Taco Specialty Pizza: 7.5

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Sam’s Pizza Large Cheese

According to the concensus, Sam’s had the superior crust.  It was crispier, but lacked flavor and textures that the other pizza offered.

Fall River House of Pizza Large Cheese

The Fall River House of Pizza plain cheese was great for flavor.

The crust was, as described by one taster, “Like my high school lunchroom pizza.”

Indeed.  It was sponge-like and really only offering a yeasty flavor.  

Bad crust.  Awesome cheese and sauce making it the overwhelming favorite of the 10 cheese tasters – 9 to 1.

The Specialty Pizzas

Philly Cheesesteak from Sam’s Pizza

So we got a meat pizza and a veggie pizza (basically).  Clearly the veggie people are going to like the other pizza better.

For meat lovers, this isn’t a bad pie.   Some folks LOVED this pizza.  Two tasters gave it a 9.

It was the overwhelming number of low votes that dropped the overall score to five.

The onions were missing a little distribution.  The steak wasn’t the absolute best quality, but doable. 

I’d order this again.

Taco Pizza from Fall River House of Pizza

Most liked the Taco pizza better.

The one gripe I heard more than once was, it didn’t have enough ‘taco taste’ to it.  They suspected it didn’t have any Mexican spices in it at all.  3-4 people mentioned that.

I didn’t try this pizza, but I certainly didn’t smell any cumin.

That didn’t stop this pizza from being the favorite one of the day.

Ordering Experience

Both pizzas arrived about fifteen minutes early.  I had asked for a 1pm delivery time.

The two drivers arrived within one minute of each other.  (At least I didn’t need to go downstairs twice!)

Sam’s Pizza took a credit card over the phone with ease.

When calling the Fall River House of Pizza, they gave me some favorites for specialty pizzas.  Apparently, both the Steak Arrabiata and the Chourico and Chips are pretty popular there.

We were already set on the taco pizza though.  Mental note for later! 🙂

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheeseTaco PizzaPhilly Cheesesteak Pizza
Fall River House of Pizza14'' $10.5014'' $18.99----------
Sam's Pizza14'' 11.29----------14'' $17.99

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