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Pizza Review: Summary

This review is a part of a larger series of reviews to find the best pizza in Fall River Massachusetts

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Who had the best cheese pizza?

Fiorentina Italian Kitchen had the best cheese pizza in this review.  It was a shut-out.  All 14 of the reviewers chose the Fiorentina Italian Kitchen cheese pizza over PieZoni’s.

Taste test

Participants: 14
Date of tasting: 2/23/23

Average Ratings for Specialty Pizzas:

All the specialty pizzas today earned high marks.  The Ciao Bella from Fiorentina earned the top spot by a very narrow margin.

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Fiorentina Italian Kitchen Cheese Pizza

Way better than expected

The sauce and crust blew everyone away.

There seems to be some flavor or spice in the sauce that stands out just enough to keep the taste buds interested.

PieZoni’s Cheese Pizza

Not enough sauce and seemed maybe a wee bit overdone.

More sauce on this bad boy might have given it a chance at higher marks.  It was a bit too dry.

The Specialty Pizzas

Fiorentina Italian Kitchen – Ciao Bella: 7.92

Hello, beautiful

This is one of the newer additions to the Fiorentina Italian Kitchen menu.  It’s a bit like a ‘margherita meets florentine’.

Sporting spinach, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, meatballs, and basil.  This pie took the top spot in today’s testing.

The fresh spinach flavors blended very well with the rest of the pie without overwhelming it.

Six of the reviewers scored this pie a ‘9’ meaning, the ones who liked this pizza really liked this pizza.

PieZoni’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger specialty pizza: 7.45

This might be where that beef went…

Bacon, hamburg & extra cheese.

I thought the taste of hamburger was the most overwhelming part of this pizza.   Others thought it was the bacon.

Three of the tasters weren’t big on too many meats on their pizzas but enjoyed this one.

Definitely one of the better hamburger pizzas out there.

PieZoni’s Cyprus Specialty Pizza: 7.5

Because, why not have another pizza with spinach on it today?

White pizza with oil and garlic, fresh all white meat chicken, mozzarella cheese, olives, tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese.

Top critical comments included: the chicken was too dry, a bit salty, and tasted too much like spinach.

Overall the Cyprus options are pretty solid for veggie lovers.  It’s available as both a pizza and a calzone.

Ordering Experience

I ordered over the phone from both of these pizza restaurants.  I ordered a bit later than normal to get delivery for 1pm, about 12:15pm.

Both drivers arrived with the deliveries within 10 minutes of the requested time.  1:02pm for PieZoni’s and 1:09 for Fiorentina’s.  (To be fair, PieZoni’s was much closer to us).

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaFiorentina's Italian KitchenPieZoni's
Cheese14'' 11.9914'' 14.99
Ciao Bella Pizza14'' $19.99 
Cyprus Pizza 14'' 18.99
Bacon Double Cheeseburger 14'' 18.99

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