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Pizza Review: Summary

This review is a part of a larger series of reviews to find the best pizza in Fall River Massachusetts

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Who had the best cheese pizza?

It was a draw!  Out of 16 reviewers, it was split down the middle, 8 votes for each pizza parlor.

Taste test

Participants: 16
Date of tasting: 3/1

Average Ratings for Specialty Pizzas:

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Millennium Cheese Pizza

Pretty close match

Today’s reviews weren’t as descriptive as most and with the even split most taste testers used similar comments.

The biggest difference in comments between the two places was the warmth of the pizza and the softeness of crust.

Fall River House of Pizza came way too early due to a communication problem with the order so their pizzas were colder.  If they have arrived on time, we might have had a different outcome.

Millennium’s crust was a bit firmer and crunchier and I personally liked their sauce better.

Fall River House of Pizza’s Cheese Pizza

Definitely has a softer crust

Out of the 8 voters who chose FRHOP (just like the 8 voters for Millennium), the voters basically said there was better flavor without being able to say much more, other than point out the softer crust.


The Specialty Pizzas

FRHOP Potato Skin Pizza: 3.95

It legit tasted like a potato skin, but SO DRY

I also really like the square cuts on this pizza (we didn’t do it, it came that way).

It’s almost like they know this is more like an appetizer pizza to grab small pieces of.

It really tasted like eating a baked potato skin with pizza textures.  It was uncanny but so, so dry.

To be fair, none of us tried it with the sour cream, but I feel like it is the only way to get real joy out of this pie.

Millennium Pizza Cacoula Specialty Pizza: 5.9

It was more of a topping than a ‘specialty’

This was a good pizza.  The cacoula was a little better than average but maybe not the best.

To call this a specialty pizza is probably a bit of a stretch.  It’s just a topping.

This pizza earned a lot of 6’s and 7’s (and even one 8).  It was the four lower votes that really brought it down.

The lower-voting folks just didn’t like the pizza or the cacoula.

For the people who liked it, the cacoula was the winning factor with just the right amount of spice for them.

Overall, this is a solid pizza with a solid topping.  While it won’t make the winner’s circle of specialty pizzas, it would still make for a good meal.

Millennium Pizza’s Chicken Broccoli Alfredo: 3.5

Probably don’t get it.

Out of the dozens of specialty pizzas we’ve tried so far, I’m pretty sure this is the only pizza that earned a ‘1’ from any voter.

The flavor wasn’t there.  The alfredo sauce was watery and mayonnaise-y.  

The highest marks for this pie was, “It’s just okay.”  

Barely tolerable, with a  side of disappointment.  

It’s a beautiful pizza and it’s clear that care went into making it, but the recipe and/or the ingredients really don’t work.

Ordering Experience

Both orders were over the phone with a credit card, asking to be delivered at 1 pm.

Millennium arrive at 1:01 pm, probably the closed-timed food delivery of all the deliveries so far but almost all of them arrived within 10 minutes either way.

Our local pizza shops are pretty good like that.

Fall River House of Pizza came a half hour early though.  I was shocked.  I hope I didn’t take it out on the driver too much.

I still tipped him because it was the owner’s call to deliver it early.  When I called him he said he thought we wanted it there earlier to make sure it was on time.

I guess.  I mean, it’s great to have food before the time you’re going to eat it, but eating it cold isn’t quite as much fun.

In a future order (one I haven’t written just yet) they were almost spot-on with delivery.

$5 tips for both drivers.  Sometimes I wonder if I should tip more, but I guess if it were me delivering the $5 for 2-3 pizzas seems fair.  (Maybe 30 years ago I delivered pizza.  $1-$2 was basically the standard.  I hope I’m keeping up with inflation.)

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheesePotato SkinCacoulaChicken Broccoli Alfredo
Millennium Pizza16'' 11.50 16'' $19.0016'' $20.00
Fall River House of Pizza14'' 10.5014'' 18.99 

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