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Pizza Review: Eastern Pizza vs Pizza  Time – Summary

This review is a part of a larger series of reviews to find the best pizza in Fall River Massachusetts

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Who had the best cheese pizza?

Pizza Time had the best cheese pizza in this review.  9 in favor of Pizza Time.  3 in favor of Eastern.

Taste test

Participants: 12
Date of tasting: 2/1/23

Average Ratings for Specialty Pizzas:

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Eastern Pizza’s Cheese Pizza

Eastern Pizza makes amazing pizza but they didn’t take the prize for the best cheese pizza today.

Those that voted for Eastern, they loved the sauce: for both the flavor and the amount of the sauce.  There was a bit more sauce on Eastern’s cheese than there was on Pizza Time’s.

Pizza Time’s Cheese Pizza

Say cheese

“This may be the best cheese pizza I’ve ever had.” was one voter’s take.

“Excellent taste, but greasy,” came from another.

With 9 votes out of 13, this was today’s favorite cheese pizza and a new spot that some of our voters are moving toward as their main pizza place.

But… don’t forget the quality of Eastern’s specialty pizzas.  They both rated pretty highly in today’s review.

The Specialty Pizzas

Eastern Buffalo Chicken Pizza: 7.8

Ten tasters gave this pie an average score of 7.8.

Maybe a little too spicy, but great.

This is the best buffalo chicken on any pizza I’ve tried in the city, and it was excellent (of course) with some Ken’s blue cheese that Kelley was nice enough to bring to the party.

Steak Pizza from Eastern Pizza: 8.0

After reviewing about every steak sub in Fall River a while back, I’m a little spent on shaved steak, but this was worth the order.

It didn’t earn a perfect 10 from anyone, but there was a boatload of eights and nines.

It wasn’t the normal pizza sauce on this pie.  It was a white sauce… maybe an alfredo and it blended very well with the pizza.

Meat Lover’s Pizza from Pizza Time: 6.8

The most striking thing about this pizza was the crispiness of the bacon.  It pleasantly surprised most of us.

With all that meat, there’s a ton of grease, of course.

But… delicious.

There was a lot of difference in the voters here.  One person gave it a 3 and another a 10 (and 10s don’t happen that often).

Those who didn’t like the grease averaged a 4 for a score.

Those who didn’t mind the grease gave it an average of 8/10.

Ordering Experience

Both of these were phone orders scheduled for delivery at 1 pm.

It’s a weird thing when I preorder for a certain time how every single delivery seems to show up almost exactly ten minutes early.

Pizza Time delivery arrived 12 minutes early.

Eastern delivery arrived 8 minutes early.

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheeseBuffalo Chicken PizzaSteak PizzaMeat Lover's Pizza
Eastern Pizza14'' $11.2514'' $17.2514'' $18.00 
Pizza Time14'' $14.60  14'' $24.60

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