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Pizza Review: Dave’s Pizza vs Boston Pizza & Seafood – Summary

This review is a part of a larger series of reviews to find the best pizza in Fall River Massachusetts

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Who had the best cheese pizza?

Dave’s Pizza had the best cheese pizza in this review.  Eight voted for Dave’s and Six voted for Boston.

Taste test

Participants: 14
Date of tasting: 2/8/23

Average Ratings for Specialty Pizzas:

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Dave’s Pizza – Cheese Pizza 

New York style pizza with a little zest sprinkled on top.

Today’s favorite cheese pizza (keeping Dave’s in the running for further taste tests).

We had our first situation where a reviewer couldn’t decide which pizza they liked better.  She thought they were both great and just couldn’t pick a winner.

For the ones who chose Dave’s, every aspect was better for them.  The sauce, the cheese, the crust… everything.

(For me personally, I love whatever it is they shake on top of it.  Maybe it’s oregano and salt?.  It adds a lot to the pizza.)

Boston Pizza and Seafood Cheese Pizza

6 out of 14 voted for Boston Pizza’s cheese pizza.

The split was close to even, so I wouldn’t count out Boston Pizza’s pies altogether.  

I was with the majority on this one, but I value the opinions of all the tasters.

The Specialty Pizzas

Boston Pizza Backyard BBQ Pizza: 6.54

Everything but the kitchen sink.

Soggy.  Difficult to eat with toppings falling out.  A little too much going on.

All said and done there were a lot of small criticisms about this pizza but it still earned some high ratings.

It even scored a perfect ten from one taster.

Garlic Knot Pepperoni Pizza: 7.4

Fricken delicious

The garlic knot crust can have any toppings you like on it.  We opted for the pepperoni to keep it a bit classic.

It earned today’s favorite pizza from the tasters.

Some loved how the garlic spread into the rest of the pizza.  Some wanted even more garlic.

It could have used some more pepperoni though.  It was a little lacking for the amount of pizza.

This pie also earned a 10 from one rater.

Overall view:  Definitely try the garlic knot crust from Dave’s.

Dave’s Chicken Mozambique Specialty Pizza: 5.76

Chicken mozambique without much chicken, or mozambique.

The highest rating for this pizza was an 8.  The lowest was a 3.

Lots of criticisms for this pie.  The most common criticism was there wasn’t enough mozambique flavor.

This pie needs more chicken and more kick.

Edible, but not a lot of fun.

For nearly $20 per specialty pizza, Dave’s should be a bit more generous with their toppings.


Ordering Experience

I placed phone orders for both of these deliveries today.  I called ahead for a 1 pm delivery time.

I paid with a card.  No problems taking it over the phone (but Dave’s didn’t ask if I wanted to tip the driver ahead of time so I had to pay him in cash — because neither of us had a pen).

Dave’s Pizza arrived at 12:54 pm.  Boston Pizza arrived at 1:02 pm.

Not bad for either.  Both drivers got a $5 tip

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheeseChicken MozambiqueGarlic Knot PepperoniBackyard BBQ
Dave's Pizza14'' $12.9914'' $18.9914'' $17.49 
Boston Pizza14'' $11.99  14'' $19.99

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