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Millennium Pizza vs Minerva’s III Pizzeria – Summary

Moose, the office mascot, occasionally joins us for taste testing.  Can’t blame him, really.

Best Cheese Pizza Today:

Out of the two cheese pizzas, Millennium Pizza was the winner with 80% of the votes.

Taste test

Participants: 10
Date of tasting: 1/11/23

Average Ratings for Specialty Pizzas:

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Millennium Pizza Large Cheese

8 out of the 10 testers liked this pizza better than Minerva’s.

The ones who loved it really liked the crust.  Those who didn’t felt there was too much crust.

For me personally, I liked it better too — but it really didn’t seem like I got the ‘large’ that I paid for.  It seemed like there was a lot of extra room in there.

Minerva’s III Pizzeria Large Cheese

Only 2 out of the 10 people liked this pizza better liking the flavor and the crust better than Millennium’s cheese pizza.

The Specialty Pizzas

The Steak Arriabata specialty pizza from Minerva’s III

Minerva’s may have missed out on the cheese pizza as the winner, but the Steak Arriabata specialty pizza was the crown jewel of the day.

This specialty pizza has been a customer favorite for decades — I know from first-hand experience.

I’ve always pronounced it “Arbiata” when talking to friends about it, but hooked on phonics would tell me that’s not right.  🤷‍♀️

However you pronounce it, it’s delicious and it took the cake in today’s taste testing.

Gold Fever Chicken Specialty Pizza from Millennium Pizza

The gold fever sauce was fantastic.  It couldn’t be more spot-on.

The most-heard criticism was of the chicken; either being dry or that it tasted like a lower-quality frozen chicken.

Me personally?  I was focused more on the gold fever sauce mixing with that restaurant-grade blue cheese.  I like this pie.

Ordering Experience

I ordered with a credit card over the phone.  Millennium didn’t offer online ordering and Minerva’s website didn’t offer the ability to order delivery for a certain time.

The arrival time was supposed to be 1pm.

Millennium arrived at 12:50.

Minerva’s arrived at 12:57.

Both of them ahead of schedule.

(I felt the warmth coming out of the Minerva’s boxes a lot more than Millennium’s when they were handed to me).

I tipped both drivers $5.

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheeseSteak ArriabataGold Fever Chicken
Millennium Pizza16'' $11.50 16'' $18.00
Minerva's III Pizzeria16'' $11.9916'' $18.99

Other Specialty Pizza Options

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