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And now they are no more.

Apsara Restaurant was purchased and turned into the Hong Meas Restaurant in the first quarter of 2021.  The menu has expanded and some dishes like these precious egg rolls of mine have changed somewhat.

I’ve retired this dish to the dish archive as of 4/17/21.  Goodbye favorite eggrolls.  I will miss you.

— now back to the old review….

My favorite egg rolls. Ever. 

I’m generally not fond of egg rolls. I can usually only force down about half of one before I give up. After more than two or three bites and I start getting sad like I’m stuffing my mouth full of grass.

But these egg rolls from Apsara don’t do that to me. I can eat three or four.

Other people have told me these are a bit more like spring rolls (but I thought those had soft outer layers?), These are thinner than your normal egg roll. And they’re very crispy, sometimes served with the house sweet and sour, sometimes duck sauce.  Usually it’s a red sweet and sour with some herbs.

 If you’re someone who usually can take it or leave it on egg rolls, definitely give these a try.


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