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Eastern Pizza vs New England Pizza

Cheese vs Cheese

We tried some specialty pizzas from each place today too: BBQ Chicken Pizza and Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Cheese Pizza Overall winner: Eastern Pizza

See more about the specialty pizzas we tried below.

Participants: 8
Date of tasting: 12/21/2022, 1pm

It was a landslide win for Eastern Pizza and a near shut-out.  7 people chose Eastern as their favorite and one holdout insisted on New England.

Differences of opinion are greatly appreciated in these tasting rounds!  I’m looking at you, Kelley.  👀

All the Pizzas we ordered and tried (slideshow):

Cheese Pizza - New England Pizza

Cheese Pizza - Eastern Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Eastern Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza - New England Pizza

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Overall, Eastern Pizza’s presentation was better.  Liz said she could tell she liked it just by seeing it as we were opening the boxes.

New England Pizza had a large crust bubble, which is always good to ruin a slice or two, but it’s understandable.  I spend a few years working in a pizza parlor as a teen.  Pies are flash-baked.  There isn’t always time to proof.  Pizza bubbles happen.

Caroline was a big fan of the sauce for Eastern.  She doesn’t like the sweet kind of sauce.  

Everyone preferred Eastern to New England except Kelley — so if you’re a New England Pizza fan, you’re not alone.

That’s Eastern on the right.

That’s Rick’s rosy pink skin near the top.  😆😂🤣

The Specialty Pizzas

The chicken on both of the specialty pizzas was great.  Everyone agreed.

The buffalo chicken pizza was zingy.  Some blue cheese or ranch would go well.

Overall, the BBQ Chicken pizza was the big favorite of the day.  Just enough sweetness for a pretty stunning slice of pizza.

Ordering Experience

I used the website for ordering the New England Pizzas.  Every time I order using the online menu, I have to use the “Control F” or “Find in page” feature to find the right-sized pizza I want to order.  It’s a little awkward to find.  The menu layout is kind of funny.

As difficult as it is to navigate the menu on that site, one good feature is the timed delivery.  I was able to choose 1pm without a problem.

For Eastern Pizza, the web ordering was slightly more friendly but I couldn’t find a way to have it delivered at a future time.  I called and the guy on the phone was more than willing to place the order for 1pm, using a card and help me decide on a specialty pizza.

One more thing to mention about the online ordering…  On Eastern Pizza’s order summary, just before purchase, the text is invisible unless it’s selected.  It’s white text on a white background.

 I imagine on a phone you would have to tap and hold/drag to see it — or maybe it’s because I use dark mode in my browser and that’s what’s messing it up.  🤷‍♂️

Both drivers arrived a little before 1.

New England Pizza got there at 12:50.  Eastern arrived at 12:52.

Not too shabby for either of them and the pizzas were all about the same temperatures.

Each of the drivers got $5 for a tip.

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheeseBuffalo ChickenBBQ Chicken
New England Pizza15” $11.9915” $18.99—-
Eastern Pizza14” $12.75—-14” $17.25

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