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  • Boston Cream Donut
  • Coffee Coolatta®
  • Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant
  • Snack’n Bacon
  • Hash Browns
  • Refreshers
  • Power Breakfast Sandwich



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How many Dunkn’s are there in Fall River?

As of December 2020, there are 17 Dunk’n Donuts locations in Fall River.

Sometime soon I’ll be adding the ability to rate individual Dunkn’s on this page.

What’s the best Dunkn’ in Fall River?

My personal favorite is the Millikin Blvd Dunkin.  I’ve liked the consistency of their fresh coffee since long before they renovated and added the round-seating area (quite a few years ago at the time of this writing).  My second-favorite is on Brayton Ave.

While I like them both for the coffee, I’m probably biased.  One is close to home and the other is close to work.

If I’m looking for the widest selection of donuts because I’m having trouble finding something specific, I usually hit the Rhode Island Ave one.

The best Dunkn’ for bagged 1 lb ground coffee

The Rhode Island Ave Dunk’n wins here for all-around cheapest bagged Dunk’n coffee.  While you can find some 1lb bagged coffee being sold at one of our local 17 Dunk’ns as high as $8.99, the Rhode Island Ave Dunkin offers (so far) a consistent $5.99 price.  That’s the cheapest regular price of all the Dunk’n locations in the city (and certainly cheaper than what you can find at the grocery store).

Yes.  I called al 17 of them.

Looking to buy Dunkin coffee as gifts for the holidays?  You can find it even cheaper than $5.99!

The 400 Quarry Street location is offering a deal for the holidays that brings you to just about $5 a bag.  The deal quoted over the phone to me just before the 2020 holidays was 3 for $19.99 AND get one bag free.  If you’re looking to get in on that deal, be sure to call and confirm it first.