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Definitely one of my favorite buffalo dishes in the city. 

Boneless chicken bites.  Cheese over the top and crispy where it melted to the pan.  Buffalo sauce.  Great dish.

I usually order from the Dominos on South Main to get pickup — but because I was working, I went to the Pleasant street location instead.

These were a little different than what I’m used to.

The buffalo sauce was drizzled on these bites instead of tossed (or brushed?  I’m not sure how it’s applied normally.  I’ll have to ask).  It looked okay, but it affected the dining.

It was appealing to see, and frankly I think I got more buffalo sauce due to it being done this way, but I still prefer it the usual way for me — not drizzled over the top.

Some bites had some globs that were a bit too much for my taste.  Still good!  Don’t get me wrong!  It wasn’t bad!  


I had my own blue cheese this time around.

Dominos gives you blue cheese in small prepackaged cups.  If you order online for pickup, do remember to ask for them because in busy times sometimes the folks can miss the small print.

I dig the prepackaged sauces for some reason.  It’s like.. fun sized or something.


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