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This post was originally a quick review of the Cambodian fried rice at Apsara Restaurant — but the Hong Meas Restaurant verison of this rice isn’t a lot different.

have tried the rice from Hong Meas, and I found it to be very similar to the Apsara version.

To be clear, the photos and everything mentioned below this section is experience from the time of Apsara.

Pork Fried Rice Never, Ever Tasted This Good

This is fried rice, but it’s not your typical Chinese-food-joint fried rice.  This rice borders on being a delicacy.  Whenever I or my friends order, this rice is a part of it.

You have some choices of meat.  Beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, seafood — and combinations thereof.

It’s sauteed in sunflower oil.  It comes piping hot, and it’s superb.  I’ve had both the chicken and the beef fried rice but I usually stick with the chicken.

This rice is a meal all on it’s own — even a small you’ll have to split.

$7.95 for a small.  Even with two people, you’re almost certain to have leftovers.

You know when you usually get fried rice and it’s just a few pieces of cubed pork that you find once in a while?  Not this rice.  Big old chunks of meat in there.  No joke (unfortunately I ate a lot of the big pieces before I thought to take photos  There were even larger ones in there.  The beef fried rice is similar.  Big pieces.)

This rice is a safe bet for most people to feel gratified and satisifed though.  Definitely, definitely add it to the order.

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