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These tenders are ENORMOUS

That was my first thought when flipping open the take-out.  Each piece is about half of a full-sized breast.  HUGE.  My plastic fork barely did the job of holding it up.

When they say these are JUMBO tenders, it’s no joke.

Portion sizes are 3 pieces ($6), 6 pieces ($11), or 12 ($20).

The Sauce

The buffalo sauce is flavorful, if possibly missing a just a *little* something.

I didn’t ask specifically for hot or mild.  The spiciness level of the sauce was what I and two others described as medium.  Not mild.  Not hot.  Somewhere in between.

You can have these same tenders tossed in other sauces besides Buffalo — or get the sauces on the side.  See the Wings and Tenders section of their menu on their site for more info.

The Chicken

I really liked the breading.  Nice crispy pieces to crunch on.

The chicken was nice and tender.

Because these tenders are so large, they were still nice and warm by the time I dug in.  Plenty of meat to keep all that heat from escaping.

The Dressing

Great blue cheese dressing.  Maybe not amazing, but very good.  I used every last bit of the hefty four ounce plastic souffle cup and didn’t look back.

The Skinny

I’ll be getting them again.

The only thing holding these tenders back from being an absolute 10 in my book is that little something missing from the buffalo sauce.  A “zing” I’m familiar with in other sauces.  Needs a touch more vinegar maybe?  Does it lack a spice I’m used to in other buffalo sauces?  I’m not sure.

Still, I highly recommend these tenders and strongly consider them one of the best, if not THE best I’ve had so far.

An update from later samplings:

Sometimes these jumbo tenders can be a little over-done, but for the most part things have been great!

Other sauces than buffalo that I recommend: Gold fever and Sweet Chili.

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