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I over-ate.

I have to take it easy trying these dishes out.  When things taste really good, sometimes I lose control over the throttle.  This was one of those times.

I’ve gotten a few of these buffalo chicken pizzas from PieZoni’s.  Sometimes the chicken is a little too dry (probably cooked before it goes on the pizza for food safety), but the pizza itself and the buffalo sauce are magnificent.  If they could find a way to keep the chicken just a little more moist by modifying the par-cooking somehow, this dish would top all the charts.

Thinking back, getting the extra-large 17” square pizza might not have been the smartest way to go to keep down my spare tire — but, hey.  Leftover pizza is almost never a bad thing, amiright?

You choice of sauces… for the chicken, and on the side.

For the chicken, I got it mild.  I love the flavor of the buffalo sauce, but I only want a little zing.

There are a lot of sauce options for the chicken.  I should have asked what the “Sweet n Spicy” option was all about but I didn’t.  A twist on the Buffalo maybe?  I’ll have to ask next time.  

It looked great.

And they gave me extra blue cheese like it mattered.

To be fair, I did order extra blue cheese when I used the website to order.  But I thought extra meant.. two.

Nope.  Five, for a dollar.  Whaaat?

And it’s top-knotch stuff.  Very creamy.

I was pretty happy about that.

For some of us, it’s gold.  But for others, it’s.. mold.

I get it if you don’t like blue cheese dressing.  Even one of my coworkers opted for the ranch in the fridge to drizzle over the top instead of dipping it in the blue cheese.

I didn’t hear any complaints with the ranch instead of the blue cheese.  I did get an odd look when I took a picture of it though.  I’m thankful she was a good sport and froze long enough for me to take the picture.

Personally, I’ll take the blue cheese every single time.

Say cheese.

The tomato sauce, the cheese, the buffalo sauce.  All the flavors blended well for an overall really great lunch.

So far, this is my favorite buffalo chicken pizza in the city.  I’m going to keep sampling but for now this has my vote.  And I’ll be back for more.

I mean, like, tomorrow.  Because I had to put seven of those squares in the fridge even with three of us tearing into it.

Reheating the leftovers

Surprisingly, when reheating this pizza in the toaster oven, the chicken wasn’t as dry!  Maybe it was a trick of the toaster oven or some magic in the refridgerator, but this pizza tasted even better reheated in the toaster oven.  10 out of 10 for a reheat score there.

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