A Choice Selection of Steak & Cheese Subs from Around Fall River

Grilled shaved steak only.  If you’re looking for the best, grilled is definitely the way to go here.

If you know of a steak and cheese sandwich somewhere else you feel deserves to be mentioned here, please let me know!

A quick summary of the best steak and cheese
Fall River has to offer:

  • Jersey Mike’s Steak and Cheese:  Best for flavor.
  • Papa Gino’s Steak & Cheese: best for the bread in my opinion, best overall sandwich says more than one person I know.
  • Market Kitchen Steak and Cheese:  Best for the money.
  • Piezoni’s Wraporito: Best “health conscious” (and tasty) variant
  • D’Angelo ‘pounded’ steak sandwich:  Best for the sheer massive volume of steak.

Jersey Mike’s
Best for Flavor

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(5), 1 ratings

Jersey Mikes…  What did you do to the steak?  It tastes amazing.

Maybe it’s just more salt.  Maybe it’s freshly cut.  Maybe it’s infused with a popular drug from the 90’s.  I’m not sure, but this steak really pops.

It’s a little pricey compared to other sandwiches, but I’m okay with that.

At the time of writing this part of the article it is by far the best tasting, most flavorful steak of any I’ve tested so far.

Papa Gino’s Steak & Cheese
Best for The Bread

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(5), 1 ratings

If you could take D’angelo’s steak and put it on a sub roll that seems to have been created using some nectar of the gods, you might end up with a Papa Gino’s steak & cheese sub.

It’s my roommate’s #1 favorite steak and cheese sandwich.  I may or may not have added this one to score a few brownie points after waking him up a few times tromping around in my room at night.

In my defense, he goes to bed early.  Like, wicked, wicked early.  So early.  You wouldn’t believe.

Even now I’m typing quietly.  [whispers: Shhhh.  He’s really old.]

Market Kitchen Steak & Cheese
Best for the money

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(4.1), 13 ratings

Technically what they offer on their take-out menu is the “Steak Bomb”.  Since I like my steak and cheese’s mostly plain, I just went steak cheese and mayo.

This sub easily rivals D’Angelo’s steak and cheese and it’s also easy on the wallet (My plain steak and cheese was $3.99 – the Steak Bomb, which I’ve seen has salami in it, goes for a dollar more.)

Are you looking for the best steak and cheese sub for the money?  If so, the Market Basket steak and cheese sandwich (non-“bomb” version) is it.

PieZoni’s Steak & Cheese Wraporito

Best “Health ConsCious” VARIANT

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(3.5), 2 ratings

The Piezoni’s steak and cheese sub is solid enough, but what really needs to be pointed out is the Wraporito.

Get rid of the sub roll, put it in a wrap, and add organic brown rice and quinoa?  Now we’re talking about something special; The steak bomb Wraporito.  (As always, I usually skip the peppers and onions myself).

When I say “health conscious”, I mean the quinoa and the brown rice add a lot of nutrients, especially iron, but it’s still grilled steak and cheese after all, so of course there’s going to be a fair amount of grease.

Pro tip: adding a bit of feta adds a nice twist.


D’Angelo’s “Pounded” Steak & Cheese
best for the amount of steak

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(4), 1 ratings

The advice on the automated line is to ask the person who takes your order to “pound it”.  I just asked for the pounder version.  Something about asking someone to pound my steak sandwich just sounds wrong…. like ordering an apple pie and telling them to smash it.

Poor marketing aside, this $13-something sandwich is my favorite version.  It is really loaded with steak.


honorable mentions
Other Steak and Cheese Subs locals swear by

  • D’Angelo’s #9 – a classic for those who love the peppers and onions grilled with the steak.
  • Atlas Pizza’s Steak and Cheese
  • Cousin Mike’s Steak and Cheese
  • Eastern Pizza Steak and Cheese
  • Dave’s Pizza Steak and Cheese 
  • Scottie’s Steak Supreme
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