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Atlas Pizza vs Pizza Time – Summary

Best Cheese Pizza Today:

Out of the two cheese pizzas, Pizza Time was the overwhelming winner.

Taste test

Participants: 10
Date of tasting: 12/28/2022

Average specialty pizza ratings:

  • Atlas Pizza – Chourico and Chips Specialty Pizza: 9
  • Pizza Time –  Large Chicken Broccoli Alfredo: 3

Cheese Pizzas: Comparing the two

Atlas Pizza Large Cheese

Some folks liked the crust better on the Atlas Pizza.  Most commented about too much sauce or too much cheese.

Pizza Time Large Cheese

It looked great and it tasted great.  Some commented the crust was a bit too soft, but overall a great experience.

The Specialty Pizzas

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza from Pizza Time

The chicken broccoli alfredo from Pizza Time did NOT go over well.  Where Pizza Time shined with it’s regular cheese pizza, the chicken-broccoli-alfredo did the opposite.

If you love the taste of broccoli, this pizza might be for you, but for the majority of the folks who had it, there wasn’t much other flavor than the broccoli all the way through to the crust.  There wasn’t really a taste of chicken or alfredo.  Just broccoli.  Some salt or fresh garlic would have been a great addition.

Chourico & Chips Specialty Pizza from Atlas Pizza.

The Chourico and Chips pizza from Atlas got “oooohs and aaaahhhs”.  For the experienced Atlas Pizza customers, they had found a new item to order from the menu.

For folks who haven’t had Atlas before commented on the quality of the chourico and how well the textures blended.

The Chourico and Chips was a huge it getting ratings mostly between 9-10, averaging a 9.5.

The one person who didn’t like the chourico and chips as much gave it a 6.5, still a decent score.

Ordering Experience

I called ahead for both orders to be picked up a few hours later.

The pizzas at Pizza time were ready five minutes before pickup.  Atlas was about three minutes past the pick time.

Both were pretty good.

Sizes and Pricing

PizzaCheeseChourico & ChipsChicken Broccoli Alfredo
Atlas Pizza14'' $13.9914'' $18.99----
Pizza Time14'' $14.60---14'' $23.60

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