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It got fresh with me

It might be the sauce.  It might be because it’s made in a brick oven.  Maybe it’s a combination of more factors…  In any case, this is the freshest tasting pizza I think I’ve ever had.

Hugemongous.  Ginormous.  Whatever.  It’s big.

It’s enormous.  At 19”, we’re talking Triple-Xtra large pizza.  And they usually only cut it into 8 slices.  You might consider having them cut some additional slices if you have light eaters in your crowd.

You can get this pizza by the slice, but a whole pizza only comes in one size: Fricken huge.

Easy on the wallet

It’s inexpensive at $8.99.

I don’t know how they can afford to sell it with a price that low, but like many of the Market’s Kitchen offerings, it’s certainly worth the money.

It could be a contender

This pizza should be in the running if anyone is having a discussion about a top contender for best pizza in Fall River.

I would wager it’s definitely in the top five pizzas in the city for anyone who’s given it a chance.

Solid quality of ingredients.

I haven’t tried many of the toppings yet, but the if the cheese pizza alone is any measure, I’m very hopeful.

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